How to Care for and Clean Your Silver Jewellery: Tips and Tricks

How to Care for and Clean Your Silver Jewellery: Tips and Tricks

How to Care for and Clean Your Silver Jewellery: Tips and Tricks


Silver jewellery is a timeless and versatile accessory that can add an elegant touch to any outfit. Whether it's a simple silver necklace, a pair of silver earrings, or a stunning silver bracelet, silver jewellery can be worn for any occasion. However, to keep your silver jewellery looking its best, it's important to take care of it properly. In this article, we will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to care for and clean your silver jewellery.

Why is it important to care for your silver jewellery?

Silver jewellery is a beautiful and delicate material that requires proper care and attention to keep it looking shiny and new. Unlike other metals, silver jewellery is susceptible to tarnishing/oxidising and scratching over time, especially when exposed to air, moisture, and chemicals such as perfumes and lotions. Proper care can help prevent these issues, prolonging the lifespan of your jewellery.

Caring for your silver jewellery is also important because it helps to maintain its value. If you have antique or heirloom silver jewellery, proper care and cleaning can help preserve its history and value for future generations.

 Tips for caring for your silver jewellery

  1. Store your jewellery properly: When you're not wearing your silver jewellery, store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it in humid areas like the bathroom or near a window. Humidity and sunlight can cause silver to tarnish/oxidise faster. You can also use an anti-tarnish cloth or an airtight container to prevent tarnishing.
  2. Keep your silver jewellery away from chemicals: Avoid exposing your silver jewellery to chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, and hairspray. These can cause the silver to tarnish/oxidise or become discoloured. It's best to apply these products before putting on your jewellery to reduce exposure.
  3. Clean your jewellery regularly: Regular cleaning can help remove dirt and oil build-up, preventing tarnishing. It's a good idea to clean your silver jewellery once a month or more often if you wear it frequently. We'll discuss how to clean your silver jewellery in the next section.
  4. Wear your silver jewellery often: Believe it or not, wearing your silver jewellery can help prevent tarnishing/oxidising. The oils from your skin can help keep the silver shiny and prevent it from oxidising. Plus, silver jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed!

 How to clean your silver jewellery

Cleaning your silver jewellery is easy and can be done at home with a few household items. Here are some methods you can try:

  1. Use a soft cloth: Use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber or polishing cloth, to gently wipe your silver jewellery. Avoid using rough or abrasive cloths, as these can scratch the surface.
  2. Use warm water and soap: For more stubborn dirt and grime, you can use warm water and mild soap. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Try a silver cleaner: There are many silver cleaners available on the market that can help remove tarnish and restore shine. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid using these cleaners on gemstones or pearls.
  4. Consider professional cleaning: If your silver jewellery is heavily tarnished or has intricate designs, it may be best to seek professional cleaning services. A professional jeweller can clean your silver jewellery safely and effectively.


 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid wearing your silver jewellery in chlorinated water, such as in swimming pools or hot tubs. Chlorine can cause silver to oxidise and become discoloured.
  2. Remove your silver jewellery before exercising or doing any strenuous activity. Sweat and friction can cause scratches and tarnishing.
  3. Be gentle when cleaning your silver jewellery. Use a soft touch and avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard.
  4. Take your silver jewellery off before going to bed. This will help prevent scratching and tangling with bedding.


Taking care of your silver jewellery is essential to keep it looking its best for years to come. By following these tips and tricks, you can prevent tarnishing, scratching, and other damage, ensuring your silver jewellery stays shiny and beautiful. Remember to store your jewellery properly, keep it away from chemicals, clean it regularly, and be gentle when handling it. With a little care and attention, your silver jewellery can be enjoyed for generations to come.


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